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Optimas Laser Treatments For Aesthetic Procedures

Optimas Laser Treatments For Aesthetic Procedures

Optimas, from Inmode, is a popular brand of Laser and Radio Frequency devices used for aesthetic dermatological procedures such as skin treatments and hair removal. These devices are light-weight, easy-to-handle and can achieve your goals in one workstation. Further, they offer quick and long-lasting results delivered through painless procedures.

Rani MD is at forefront of new and innovative treatments to benefit our wide diversity of customer profile. Optimas Laser Treatments are the latest in our vast bouquet of offerings. The following devices are used in our procedures.



Remove Fine Lines with SkinPen


The skin, like any part of the human body, has self-healing properties. Whenever there is an injury, even if some of the cells die, there is an underlying basement membrane made of collagenous fibroblasts or just ‘collagen’, which remains intact. This collagen helps in healing and restoring the skin to its original condition.


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