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  • I bought a photo-facial package of six from Groupon. I am extremely pleased with the results and I am looking forward to continuing treatment for another package! My dark spots are much lighter and my skin is glowing! :D Last week I had my first Botox treatment and the nurse did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend this place, as the office is beautiful and the staff is incredibly friendly!
    A.J.Santa Clara, CA
  • I purchased the Groupon. I did not have one single problem booking, keeping, and showing up to my appointments on time - and therefore have not had any issues. Procedures take time and prep, if you cannot be on time to your appointments, call and reschedule yourself, don't expect the staff to 1st - read your mind, and 2nd - push everyone else to the side because you cannot be timely. Just my $.02 on that....

    The front desk person (Sophia) has always been nice, responsive, and very professional; I always leave with a future appointment booked that works for my schedule.

    The RN has not tried to sell me anything (ever!), in fact she has been very informative on procedures that I have asked about - and has even told me that I did NOT need certain procedures (thanks for saving me money!).

    The RN and Sophia always remember me and ask about my daughter/husband, etc...they are both super friendly and down to earth.

    My first visit was informative and pleasant - the staff was attentive and even gave me a tour of the Spa and information about their different services. Again, I didn't feel like they were trying to sell anything - more of making you feel at home (here are the restrooms, rooms for facials, procedures, water/tea, etc.....)

    During my last visit, I even had to bring my 5 year old nephew in to wait for me (last minute emergency baby sitting) and they even gave him some paper and pencils to color with in the waiting area - totally above and beyond! :-)

    Bottm line: I am impressed, will continue to go to Aspara, and would LOVE to purchase another Groupon from them."
    J.L. San Jose, CA
  • Very friendly staff. Totally exceeded my expectations. Very reasonably priced and generous with giving some more attention when needed. Every time I leave this place, I have a smile on my face. And... I hardly have any more hair to remove. Yes, they are THAT good.
    I.E. Sunnyvale, CA
  • I have been coming here for a couple of years now. I love Dr. Rani! She treats me well and takes very good care of me. I leave looking 10 yrs younger thanks to her immense talent and professionalism. The receptionist Sophia is wonderful. She is so sweet and professional. And from what I can see, handles all customers, appointments and phones on her own. I always enjoy seeing and talking to her when I come in for treatments. I will never go anywhere else! Thanks Apsara!
    K.G. CA
  • Paris hands down does my Botox better than anyone in town I have been doing Botox 6 years and this is my favorite spot!
    K.M. Santa Cruz, CA
  • My regular nurse Kimberly has changed jobs, and I like the new nurse. She's very professional and skilled, and has a nice personality to put you at ease before zapping you with a laser! :)

    I have had only one gripe with this place over the past year and a half--they had to frequently reschedule me and also whenever I showed up, there rarely was a receptionist there, just the nurse, who would sometimes not know that I was there while working in one of the rooms in the back.

    They seem to be doing okay as a business, but I always get a feeling like the office is understaffed and I have never seen the same receptionist twice.
    A.M. Mountain View, CA
  • Apsara Aesthetics is one of the BEST medspas in the south bay. Dr. Ramachandran has done an excellent job of creating a relaxing, fun and friendly atmosphere. I especially love the informative workshops on skin care. Having visited many spas in the area, I can say that Apsara is the best!
    P.M. San Francisco, CA
  • This place ROCKS !!! I like most, had my doubts at first but that soon changed after entering and feeling like people there actually really cared about your skin care needs. Raquel makes an genuine effort to get your skin where you want it to be. I suffered with acne and had tried everything but after only 2 weeks of treatment and the recommended products, my skin is almost 100% cleared ! I never write reviews so that alone says a lot!
    N.S. San Jose, CA
  • Raquel is the very best when it comes to facials and microdermabrasion and skin therapy..and whatever else she does, I'm sure. She's VERY nice, patient, and professional in a warming and welcoming way. When I go to her she cleans and smooths my skin and leaves me feeling relaxed and fresh! She listens to your skin problems and gives great suggestions on what to do. She in no way pressures you to buy anything, but I did anyway. The office is kind of burrowed in a building, but inside is nice. She is also really good at remembering you and actually cares about you.
    M.C. Milpitas, CA
  • Apsara Aesthetic Medicine is a first class Med Spa. I have had several different treatments and all of them have been a very pleasant experience. Marsha the RN is extremely knowledgeable and really knows what she is talking about. I personally feel that that is important especially when you are doing anything with your face. Another bonus is they have a physician on site so if you have any problems she is available. I highly recommend Apsara for all of your skin care needs and you get great results!!!
    K.A. Los Gatos, CA
  • After my first session, I'm thrilled with Apsara's service. Marsha was nice, comforting, and calm. She explain, accurately, how it would feel. LHR is painful, but it was nice to have someone that kept me calm. I will post more after I complete my series.
    K.W. Santa Clara, CA
  • Thank you so much for your care. My face is getting much better and better.
  • Thank you for everything, you were more than a doctor, very friendly, comforting...beyond words!
  • Thank you so much for taking on the care of my sister for treatment. Both of us appreciate your kindness and would like to submit a token of our appreciation for your help. Wish you the best this year and always.
    S. & I.
  • Rani MD is a first class facility. I have had several different treatments and all of them have been a very pleasant experience. The RN is extremely knowledgeable and really knows what she is talking about. I personally feel that that is important especially when you are doing anything with your face. Another bonus is they have a physician on site so if you have any problems she is available. I highly recommend Dr. Ramachandran for all of your skin care needs and you get great results!!!
  • I have had fantastic results at Dr. Ramachandran! I went in for a free consultation to see if I could do anything about the really dark circles under my eyes and to improve my skin. (I am 57 years old.) I had a light chem. peel, then some Botox. Then they put filler under my eyes and some in the lines between my nose and mouth. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! They have gifted artists with botox and filler treatment. I had not seen any reviews on her administration of fillers, but she is absolutely wonderful. I look so much younger and rested. The RN is very knowledgeable about skin care and has some fabulous products to help. They keep things very affordable also. I highly recommend going there for your quest to look younger and more refreshed.
  • I LOVE this place!! Every time I go I get more information and techniques for saving my skin, keeping it in the best shape ever, all the new beauty and laser info is given free and willingly at this place.....I have not only got the BEST skin of my life, but I now know how important it is to start with the right info in hand so you don't waste a lot of money on treatments that don't work; The RN has a LOT of experience, around 10 or 12 years in the laser treatment business. The aesthetician showed me the before and after pictures of the acne she has been able to take care of....and I was sign'n UP! I have not been disappointed in going to Dr. Ramachandran. Every experience has been a true delight!!! Go there....you will be happy you did....so will your skin! We love ya guys!! Keep it up!! the good work!!
  • Dear Dr Ramachandran, You have done an excellent job with Dr. Ramachandran. The decor & ambiance of the place is so soothing & relaxing and I commend you for having such good taste. I had done some research before choosing this place and was very impressed by its friendly staff. They truly mean it when they say "We'll take good care of you." The nurses go out of there way to see that you are well looked after during the treatments. They are experienced and know exactly what to do. Sometimes a gentle word of encouragement is needed to see you through the treatments and they are there for you. Refreshments are well stocked and offered as sometimes treatments can last for 2-3 hours, so it does get exhausting. I would highly recommend Dr. Ramachandran if one is thinking of going in for any of its skin treatments as a place where everyone cares for you.